Kanzlei+® is a system originally developed and optimised for Swiss law firms for client and mandate management (CRM) as well as for planning and controlling your corporate resources (ERP). The software is designed for simultaneous data access by several users (e.g. lawyer, substitute, secretary). Since the data recorded in Kanzlei+® is stored centrally, it can be shared in its entirety. Access rights can be set individually by each user for his mandates and documents. Data changes are immediately available to all registered users. For example, tasks can be delegated directly to other users with Kanzlei+®. Work processes should be optimised and duplications and errors avoided so that you can concentrate on your main activity as a lawyer. Thanks to the modular concept, Kanzlei+® is individually expandable and adaptable. The software can also be used by a single user without a server component.

This project is entirely based around the Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE) platform and offers primarily a Java Standard Edition (J2SE) desktop client application, but is also easily extendable to serve a web browser based user interface. We focused on asynchronous, cooperative work flow and high security for the stored data. The entire project counts about 500’000 lines of code and took 3 years for implementing the final release with the following functionality:

Contact Management (CRM)
Central contact management
Extensive search and filter options
vCard support via drag&drop function
vCard export of contacts
Duplicate control to identify possible conflicts of interest
Manage multiple addresses, phone/fax numbers, and email and Web addresses per contact
Automatic postcode search for Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the Principality of Liechtenstein
Automatic formatting of telephone and fax numbers according to country-specific criteria
Collection of additional information such as marital status, denomination, nationality and other information for notarial
Links between contacts (contact persons, representatives)
Categorisation of contacts by legal form
Adobe Reader interface for easy report creation
Print a clear list of all contact-relevant data
Automatic logging of all changes by date and user
Calendar (CRM/ERP)
Highly efficient and integrated calendar
Clear display by day, week and month
Creation and management of appointments, series appointments, tasks and resubmissions
Assignment of appointments, series appointments, tasks and resubmissions according to contacts, files, folders or without assignment
Individualization of your own calendar view
Automatic checking of date overlaps
Delegation of appointments, tasks and resubmissions
Automatic appointment reminder at a definable point in time
Overview of client birth dates per day
Mandate Management (CRM)
Automatic and freely definable file numbering
Any file name, reason for file and notes
Assignment of one main user and several additional users per record (view function)
Flexible access rights per file for any number of users
Categorisation according to legal field and legal scheme
Print a clear list of all mandate-relevant data
Archiving of completed files
Assignment of sales activity and its relationship to the record
Practical search functions to quickly find your files
Recording of procedures per file and assignment to authorities and clerks
Creation, management and delegation of filing deadlines
Support through automatic deadline calculation
Create and manage your own templates for deadlines
Automatic frister reminder at a definable point in time
Automatic logging of all changes by date and user
Activity Recording (ERP)
Automatic performance recording by means of stopwatch
Manual service entry per record
Categorisation of the hours worked
Flexible hourly rate recording
Recording of mandate-specific cash expenses (effective or flat rate)
Simple billing of previously entered and executed appointments and tasks
Creation and administration of own templates for cash expenses and services
Recording of framework conditions for recording services per user (hourly rate, rounding method, etc.)
Entering a fee agreement as a framework agreement for service entry per record
Overview of all recorded services per user in a definable period of time
Invoice Administration (CRM/ERP)
Simple, automatic creation of invoices via MS Office (Word), LibreOffice, and OpenOffice interface
Direct billing from a record
Automatic invoice numbering
Customizable invoice template (degree of detail)
Overview of all created invoices
Entry of payments
Cancellation of invoices
Project Management (ERP)
Management of appointments, tasks and documents outside the scope of the mandate
Assignment of one main processor and several additional processors per folder
(insight function), e.g. for the creation of an internal knowledge database for the firm
Flexible access rights per folder
Automatic logging of all changes by date and user
Resource Management (ERP)
Management and reservation of internal office resources
Freely definable resources with description and notes
Overview of all resources and reservations in the calendar
Document Management
Support of any file type and seamless integration of external programs
Assignment of documents to files, contacts or folders
Overview of all documents by recipient and sender per file, contact or folder
Hierarchical structuring of documents using folders and sub-documents
MS Office (Word/Excel), LibreOffice, and OpenOffice interface for easy creation of letters
Standard templates for correspondence with clients and authorities as well as for file notes
Recording of keywords and legal norms for a document to build up an internal knowledge database for the firm
Quick and easy creation of file notes using a special document template
Import/export of documents via drag&drop function
Comprehensive search and filter options for document searches
Storage of all document versions when changes are made to the document by editors
Capture additional options for sending letters and faxes per document
Integrated tracking of postal items with proof of delivery (registered mail and A-Post-Plus)
Freely configurable charts of accounts per user and law firm
Easy creation of journal entries
Balance overview per account and period
Account overview with opening balance, debit, credit and closing balance in a definable period of time
Booking overview in a certain period of time
Export of balance sheet and income statement to LibreOffice, OpenOffice or MS Office
Entry of payments, advances and invoices per file
Advance warnings if the expenses recorded per file exceed the advance paid
Data Backup
Kanzlei+ integrated backup solution
User-friendly backup of all Kanzlei+ data and documents
Data backup according to freely definable plan (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and time) on internal or external server
Virtual Post Box
Integration of a scanner and fax directory for seamless integration of your scanner and fax machines
Automatic preview of scanned or imported documents
Central assignment of documents to your contacts, files and folders
Delegation of document dispatch to other employees
Easy import of documents via scan and fax folders
Overview of outgoing and incoming documents
Creation of comprehensive evaluations
Evaluations according to processor and legal area within a definable period of time
Possibility of breakdown by working hours per agent and file
Secure and encrypted communication with other employees
Overview of all users currently online
Notification of messages received in absentia
Overview of all received and sent messages per contact over the past 30 days
Creation and administration of own templates for appointments and follow-ups
Customizable key assignment per user
Granular rights assignment per user
Integrated help function